Vallisaari and Lonna

Explore Vallisaari and Lonna, the neighboring islands of Suomenlinna, on our guided walking tours. The unique nature and fascinating history of these islands create the perfect setting for a summer visit.

Julia Kivelän ottama kuva Lonnan saaresta mereltä päin kuvattuna kesäisenä iltana.

The Island of Lonna

Lonna is a small, lively oasis just 15 minutes away from the Market Square. Lonna was used for storing mines in the second half of the 19th century. During the period of the Finnish independence in the early 1940s, a demagnetization station for ships was set up on the island, and its equipment is still on display for visitors. Groups can book guided walking tours on Lonna from our booking service. The island has a restaurant and a sauna.

Photo: Julia Kivelä/Helsinki Partners


Julia Kivelän kuva Vallisaaren

The Island of Vallisaari

Vallisaari island, located on the eastern side of the narrow strait of Kustaanmiekka, is known for its lush nature. The island also offers a journey back to the 19th century, as a significant portion of its fortifications and buildings are remnants from the Russian era. From the top of Alexander’s Battery, a magnificent 360-degree panorama unfolds, offering views far out to sea and over the city. Among the legacies of the Finnish era are numerous stories and memories from the local villagers.

Photo: Julia Kivelä/Visit Finland

Guided tours

Guided tour on the island of Lonna

The island of Lonna is in the vicinity of Suomenlinna, just 15 min from the Market Square. Its history concentrates around naval mines and degaussing of ships.

Guided Walking Tour at the Island of Vallisaari for Groups

The former military island of Vallisaari is located right next to Suomenlinna and it offers deep green forests, magnificent views and interesting histories.