Ehrensvärd Museum

The interior of the museum presents an elegant home of the nobility of the 18th century. The exhibition includes portraits, furniture, and miniature models of ships.

1700-luvun rokokoo tyyliin sisustettu huone, jossa katettu kahvipöytä. Kahvipöydän takana kaakeliuuni sekä ikkuna.

The Ehrensvärd Museum is located at the Great Courtyard in the Commandant's House. Augustin Ehrensvärd, the founder of Suomenlinna, was the first recident of the building.

Rokokoo pöydällä oleva rokokoo pöytäkello.

Opening hours

Daily from 4th of May to 31st of August:
May at 10:30 -16:00
June to August at 10:30-13:00 and 13:30-17:30

On weekends:
April and September, Saturday-Sunday at 10:30-16:00


Please check the Suomenlinna opening hours end events calendar for any exceptions to opening hours.

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Sali, jossa kaakeliuuni, jonka edustalla tuoli. Uunin vieressä toiseen huoneeseen avoinna oleva ovi.

A Journey through Time at the Ehrensvärd Museum

The Commandant’s House is a good example of how housing and defence structures often merged under the same roof. The house served as the residence and official premises of the fortress’s commandant until 1855 when it lost its entire southern half in the bombardments of the Crimean War. In 1927, the Ehrensvärd Society took the initiative to establish a museum on the premises of the commandant’s house that had been Ehrensvärd’s residence. The museum was opened in 1930.

Ruokasali kattauksineen, 1700-luvun aateliston asuihin puetut mallinuket pöydän ääressä.

Fredrik’s Name Days

The Ehrensvärd Museum comes to life at the summer event, when history revivalists arrive to celebrate ship architect Fredrik Henrik af Chapman´s name day dressed in 1700s costumes. Frederik’s name day is celebrated in and around the Ehrensvärd Museum in Suomenlinna on Saturday 20th July.


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The Ehrensvärd Museum is located by the Great Courtyard, in the old Commander’s House. The interior of the museum illustrates an 18th century residence. The collection includes paintings, furniture, weapons, and ship models portraying vessels of the Swedish Archipelago Fleet.

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