Ehrensvärd Society

Ehrensvärd Society is a non-profit association founded in 1921. The purpose of the association is to promote awareness of the history of Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ehrensvärd Society

The Ehrensvärd Society operates according to the principles of responsible tourism and activity. We maintain the Ehrensvärd Museum, Cafe Piper, as well as the Suomenlinna Museum and Museum Cafe in Suomenlinna. We are also responsible for authorized guided tours of Suomenlinna. We publish literature, develop tourism services, and organize popular children’s adventure tours and various themed tours. Our services also include museum shop operations and program packages for groups visiting Suomenlinna.

We welcome everyone to participate in our membership activities.


Contact information for the office

Ehrensvärd Society

Suomenlinna C 74

00190 Helsinki

Phone hours: 9:00–15:00

+358 9 68999850

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Invoicing details

Henkilökuva toiminnanjohtajasta.

Carita Wilenius-Rantala
Executive Director

Henkilökuva kehitystpäälliköstä.

Taru Lempinen
Development Manager, Secretary of the Society


Lars Karhunen
Financial Manager

1700-luvun aateliston tyyliin pukeutuneet herrat ampuvat ilmaan kivääreillä.

Member Activities

The membership activities of the Ehrensvärd Society include a variety of activities related to the history of Suomenlinna. As a member, you get to explore new research, interesting excursion destinations, and the activities of the society. Member events are organized throughout the year both in Suomenlinna and in other historical sites. Member conferences are held twice a year, and the Ehrensvärd Society’s celebration day is on May 12th. The membership fee is 25 euros.

Join as a member

Tero Söderholmin kuva Augustin Ehrensvärdin haudasta, haudan päädystä kuvattuna.


The affairs of the Ehrensvärd Society are managed by the board, which consists of the chairperson elected at the association’s autumn meeting and eight other members. The term of office for both the chairperson and each member is three years. A retiring board member may be re-elected.

In the 2023–2024 term, the board consists of:

Chairperson – Jussi Nuorteva
Vice Chairperson – Timo Uolamo
Reima Linnanvirta
Magdalena af Hällström
Mats Brommels
Arthur Aminoff
Kaarle Wikström
Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto
Päivi Happonen