The Name Day of Fredrik- event at Ehrensvärd Museum

Travel back to the 18th century on Saturday, July 20th, from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM at the Ehrensvärd Museum! The gentry of Société Helsinki ry will be celebrating the name day of Fredrik af Chapman, who lived and worked in Suomenlinna between 1760 and 1764, dressed in their finest attire. At the same time, diligent maids will be bustling about the house and its surroundings. You might even encounter soldiers from the era on the island.

Name days were significant celebrations in the 18th century. The gentry will decorate a traditional name day tree, used in the 1700s to honor the name day celebrants. The game table will ensure a lively atmosphere with card games, and the gentry will cool off from the summer day’s warmth and emotions by strolling around the area near the Great Court Yard in Suomenlinna. The efficient servants will set a coffee table for the gentry with festive tableware, and during the celebration, several toasts will be made in honor and health of the day’s celebrant. Welcome!

The event is organized in collaboration with Société Helsinki ry and the Ehrensvärd Society.

Tickets: Program included with the admission fee to the Ehrensvärd Museum (6€ for adults, 3€ for children). Free entry with the Helsinki Card and the Museum Card.